Our Story

Infinite Financial was founded by in 2009 by Geoff Cook in Barrie Ontario with a blueprint to offer superior financial solutions and financial services to Canadians.

We realised in order to do this and follow our core principals of Integrity, Competence and Service our foundation needed to allow us to work for our clients and not any one financial institution. 

Your life is unique. In order to offer the proper solutions in the financial services industry you need to know that your advisor is working for you and not some Bank, Investment or Insurance Company.

With this focus in mind we have created an independent financial advisory firm with experts and solutions representing all the major Banks, Life Insurance and Invstment companies in Canada to make sure the focus is on you and not on selling some companies products.

We also care very much about customer service and strive to have customers for life.

To us cusomer service means things like...

- No 1.800 number and waiting on hold (we are people here to help people)
- We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it.
- We are flexible in the ways you can work with us.
- We meet clients at their home, business and some people we only meet through a computer.
- We stay in touch and communicate ideas we believe will help you.
- We work with your other professionals to make your life easier.
- We make it as easy as we can to do business with us.

Our financial planning process is simple….



We get to know you, your vision and your goals.

We analyse the information to come up with optimal solutions.

We present alternatives and discuss options.

We implement the most appropriate wealth building solutions tailored to accomplish your vision.

At our core we are financial planners, and everything we do circles back to the fundementals of financial planning.

In order to offer our clients the proper financial advice we need to focus on clients’ needs first, develop a plan, and then decide which company will offer us the best solutions. This often means thinking outside the box and creating custom strategies.

After solutions are implemented it is important that you receive continued service to adapt to changes down the road. Many institutions treat people like a number, always looking for the next deal. We hope to have our clients for their whole life.

We created Infinite Financial to offer just this. Endless Solutions and Endless Service.


“They took the time to teach and mentor me.”

- Ossa Zebian


“I felt like I was in control and was making informed decisions about my future....”

- Glenn Tunstall


“In my first meeting with Infinite FInancial I felt their honesty, integrity, and...”

- Joan Palmer

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